Sunday, May 3, 2009

"I'm not running anywhere." - Bella, Twilight, ch. 16, p. 40

"You want me to do WHAT? You want me to go out in that sunlight and sparkle all over the place and dazzle your friends, just so we can watch people RUNNING? For FUN? Nah-uh. I don't think so. You go. Go on. Maybe if it gets rainy, I'll come out later and catch up with you. Yeah, go, enjoy your mimosas. Besides, if *I* could have gotten into the marathon I'd have beaten them all, even those Kenyans. It's hard for me to get too worked up, I mean, c'mon, a 7:30 mile? That's soooooo slow. 'As if they could outrun ME!'"


  1. My favorite line:

    'As if they could outrun ME!'"

  2. Well, I watched "Twilight" last night. OhmygodIunderstandyounow!!

    And this blog is genius.