Monday, May 4, 2009

"I was undeniably a nightmare, a monster of the grisliest kind." - Jasper, Eclipse, ch. 13. p. 300

Edward is very disappointed that the pouring rain - while perfect for real-life vampires- precludes cardboard cutouts from venturing out. It means he will not be accompanying us to playdate. He is going to have to stay home where it's warm and dry, and -- knit?

Hey, a bored vampire's gotta do what a bored vampire's gotta do.
Plus, that scarf may never be finished if it's up to's certainly in the Cullen color palette...don't laugh, he may only be a cardboard vampire, but he's got feelings too, you know.


  1. The Cullen color palette, god you make me laugh.

  2. I missed you, Flat E. Next playdate is at my house, and I will have flat mountain lions for you to eat. Probably muffins for everyone else:(